Herman Miller Custom Panels


AO2 is our product of choice for customization. Quite simply, it’s tough to beat the functionality and ageless design of the Herman Miller AO2. The AO2 panel system is designed to be stand-alone, but it also has the capability to interchangeable with other Herman Miller® products. Oh, by the way, it’s incredibly affordable?



  • Wood panel core with steel frame.
  • Panels are offered in six heights, six widths, and quarter- glass and half-glass.
  • Metal trim supports 2” thick panel and 3 3/8” PVC raceway.
  • Available in tackable and acoustical panels, as well as fabric over hard surface.


  • Post connector configures in 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way. Electrical
  • Electrical / data available in base raceway. Accessories
  • Numerous accessories to fit your organizing needs, including flipper doors, tool rails, shelves, keyboard trays and pedestals.
  • Rolling and up-mounted privacy screens available.
  • Monitor arms, keyboard platforms & task lighting available

Color Options (See the links below for our color options) Don’t see what you like, let us know.

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