Lounge Chair & Soft Seating Inventory

Zola Lounge Series Freestanding Non-Modular Unit (set of 5) Color Dakota-Trail Blazer-Architex

Zola Lounge Series Freestanding Non-Modular Unit (set of 4) Color Daydream-Wish-Archite

Haworth ToDO Lounge With Tray and Cup Holder. Blue Chair is without Tray and Cup Holder

Jofco Treviso Lounge Lobby Reception Chair (Set of 2) Color Deep Brown                                    

(AIS) LB Lounge Sectional & Love seats (Set Includes: 9 Love Seats, 3 w/High back & Sectional)


Introducing Zola – a ground-breaking collection of freestanding and modular soft seating. Zola’s light, sleek grace belies its superb strength and durability, making it an ideal solution for high traffic, intensive use reception areas and public spaces.


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                                                This versatile lounge line offers style and comfort. It’s perfect for the boardroom or reception. As side seating, ToDo can be stationary or mobile, so you can have a truly flexible, interactive environment.


Treviso lounge seating possesses an aesthetic which incorporates effortlessly into interiors. A sleek base creates a sense of lightness and is balanced by gently sloping forms


Easily compose welcoming corporate, healthcare or educational environments, as well as booths for dining or collaboration. Generous dimensions and clutter-controlling open storage make it easy to relax. Use the bold, solid profile to define space and
blend finishes for a custom look.

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